Information about Dachverband Norddeutscher Zuckerrübenanbauer e. V.
As a holding of nine regional growers associations, we represent sugar beet growers in Northern Germany. We support in all political matters nationally and EU-wide. We are an accepted national seller`s organization and negotiating partner of Nordzucker. Our headquarter is in Hanover (Germany, Lower Saxony).
If you need further information, please feel free to contact us: Dachverband Norddeutscher Zuckerrübenanbauer e.V. Warmbüchenstraße 3
D-30159 Hannover Telefon: +49 (0)511/36704-40
Telefax: +49 (0)511/36704-11

Main data: sugar beet growing in Germany

Facts & figures
DNZ founded in 1990   
  • 9 regional growers associations
  • more than 150 years sugar from beet
  • ~142.000 ha beet area in 2020
  • ~6.000 sugar beet grower
  • ~19 ha Ø beet area/farm
  • ~72 t/ha beet with 17,8% pol.-sugar (5yØ)
  • 2 beet processing companies
    • Nordzucker (5 factories)
    • Consun Beet Company (1 factory)